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BrightVault - The BrightVault System

The BrightVault System

Model: The BrightVault System

Project List
Product Info

The BrightVault Energy Storage System is the first energy storage system designed for the Luxury Residential market. A custom, modular, energy storage system is the only sensible solution for a custom home. With the ability to integrate with the leading home automation systems already in the home, the energy automation possibilities are endless.

The BrightVault Processor is the heart of the BrightVault Energy Storage System. The Processor communicates with both the inverters and batteries, as well as home automation systems, smart home devices, lighting systems, audio systems as well as collects and interprets weather and fire data to make sure you have energy when you need it.

Each of our batteries is 10.24kWh and can be stacked to as many as your home needs (ex. (2) Batteries = 20.48kWh, (3) = 30.72, etc). The batteries store energy for when your home needs it. We use the safest battery chemistry on the market, Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePo4) to keep you and your family safe.

The Inverter converts power from the batteries (DC Power), to power your home can use (AC Power). Each inverter can output up to 50amps of power, and can be stacked up to an industry leading 600 amps of power.

The BrightVault app was designed to give you, the homeowner, the power to control where power goes in your home in case of an electrical outage. We designed the app with simplicity and ease of use in mind, so when an emergency happens, how to work the system is the last thing on your mind.

The BrightVault Energy Storage system is the first Energy Storage system designed to work with Home Automation systems to give your home a greater level of energy independence when the grid goes down. The BrightVault system can trigger non-critical devices to turn off to conserve electricity, or open/close the shades to assist with heating and cooling. The possibilities are endless.


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