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Meet the All-New Ring Battery Doorbell Pro: Pro Level Security, Battery Powered Versatility
Posted on Wednesday, February 7, 2024
Meet the All-New Ring Battery Doorbell Pro: Pro Level Security, Battery Powered Versatility

Feb. 7, 2024 - In 2021, Ring announced the first doorbell as part of our Pro line of devices, packed with radar-technology to help improve the accuracy of outdoor motion alerts. Since then, we’ve continued to hear how much our customers love having more precise motion detection. Today, we’re excited to announce another addition to our Pro line-up with Ring Battery Doorbell Pro, our most advanced battery doorbell yet, giving customers more flexibility and versatility for just about any home. What’s more, with 78% of our customers using a battery powered doorbell, Ring Battery Doorbell Pro is one of our most compelling devices we offer.

Refined Motion Detection on our Best Battery Doorbell

Thanks to radar-powered 3D Motion Detection, motion alerts are more refined with Battery Doorbell Pro, and more accurate. Advanced radar-powered features like Bird’s Eye Zones and Bird’s Eye View mean customers can use an aerial perspective to pinpoint and only send an alert when their doorbell detects movement in that exact location, providing more specific information for individual motion events. And Battery Doorbell Pro is equipped with 1536p HD+ Video, Audio+, and Quick Replies.

Ultimate Image Quality with Ring Vision 

With Battery Doorbell Pro, the image quality goes far beyond the 1536p HD+ video. Our clear image begins with the lens, which is actively aligned with our premium imaging sensors for crisp video definition. And with the Dynamic Image processing and high-efficiency compression, the video will deliver life-like color and sharpness whether you’re watching in Live View or a video recording from the night before. Ring Battery Doorbell Pro has our enhanced imaging sensors that deliver superior clarity and clear color. Now, with Low-Light Sight, the illumination from a streetlight or landscape lighting is all Battery Doorbell Pro needs to keep you seeing in clear color, even in the dark.

Get Even More Out of Battery Doorbell Pro

Battery Doorbell Pro works seamlessly with other Ring devices and customers can create a whole-home system by pairing it with a Stick Up Cam Pro, or by adding Ring Alarm Pro for 24/7 Backup Internet (with a Ring Protect Pro subscription, sold separately) so the doorbell will stay online even in the event of a power outage. Subscribing to a Ring Protect Plan also lets customers access features such as cloud storage, person and package alerts, rich notifications, and Modes. Additionally, customers can receive motion alerts on compatible Alexa devices. For example, by connecting Battery Doorbell Pro to an Echo Show device, customers can receive alerts on their Echo Show or simply say “Alexa, show me the front door”, to drop in on Live View and see what is going on in their front yard.


Battery Doorbell Pro is available for pre-order today for $229.99 on and and will ship to customers on March 6. We can’t wait to hear what customers think about our newest doorbell.