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Best DIY Home Security Products
Posted on Friday, March 22, 2024
Best DIY Home Security Products

March 22, 2024 - From the hidden scorch mark from a cooking disaster to the paint touch-ups covering marker masterpieces, you know your home — and the memories it contains — better than anyone. That’s why keeping it protected is personal.

With these DIY products from Ring, you can take control of your home’s security and find the perfect setup to match your family’s lifestyle. Learn how anyone, from DIY novices to self-proclaimed pros, can help improve security with these innovative and intuitive options.

A Self-Installed Security System for Any Home: Ring Alarm

With a Ring Alarm security system, you can add an essential layer of security around your home that doesn’t require drilling, hardwiring, or permanent modifications. To install your system, all you have to do is plug in the Base Station, which is the central hub of your Alarm, charge the batteries in your Keypad and place or mount it in a convenient spot, and mount the battery-powered Contact Sensors and Motion Detector with strong adhesive. The Ring App walks you through the process with step-by-step instructions on how to get everything connected and set up.

You can choose between several Ring Alarm Security Kits to find the right number of Contact Sensors and Motion Detectors for doors, windows, hallways, and entryways. That means anyone, from urbanites in studio apartments to families in four-bedroom homes, can choose a Kit that meets their needs. And if you want extra protection, you can buy and connect more sensors and Alarm Accessories, sold separately, at any point — no service appointments required.

Essential Protection With Easy Installation: Battery Doorbell Plus

Even though traditional doorbells are hardwired, you don’t need to call an electrician to upgrade. Battery Doorbell Plus offers the essential protection you need in a battery-powered design that only requires a screwdriver or drill to mount. And just because it’s easy to install doesn’t mean you miss out on features. Battery Doorbell Plus comes with HD+ Head-to-Toe video, Color Night Vision, Quick Replies, and customizable Motion Zones. With a Ring Protect subscription, sold separately, you also unlock Package Detection, so you can get an alert when your eagerly anticipated deliveries arrive.

Damage-Free DIY Doorbell Options for Renters: Peephole Cam or No-Drill Mount

DIY home security projects aren’t just for homeowners. If you aren’t permitted to drill holes outside your home or rental unit, a Peephole Cam or No-Drill Mount can help you improve security without causing any damage.

Peephole Cams slide directly into the existing peephole to transform it into a smart security tool that shows you who’s at the door, detects knocking, and sends real-time notifications when motion is detected. For doors without a peephole, a No-Drill Mount adheres next to the door, so you can hang your preferred battery doorbell without screws.

Effortless Installation Meets Built-in Privacy: Indoor Cam

Adding an extra layer of visibility indoors is as simple as plugging in an Indoor Cam. If you want an overhead view of your living room or garage, you can easily mount an Indoor Cam with a single screw, but you can also set it on a table or counter for a completely tool-free installation. Once you swivel it to get the perfect view, you’re ready to start viewing live footage from the Ring App and chatting with your fur baby or partner from afar using Two-Way Talk. And when you want a little extra privacy, you can slide the built-in cover shut.

A Flexible Camera With Options for Anyone: Stick Up Cam Pro

The best DIY home security products are the ones that can adjust to fit your needs. Stick Up Cam Pro works indoors or out to capture clear footage of nearly anything you might want to monitor, from your back patio one day to your basement the next. For a more permanent placement, you can mount Stick Up Cam Pro or leave it freestanding for peak portability.

Stick Up Cam Pro comes with a variety of power options for every level of DIYer, whether you prefer to pop in a battery, plug it in, mount a solar panel, or connect an Elite model to your internet router for non-stop connection. And if you need a more complete view of a room to keep an eye on your new kitten, for example, you can add a Pan-Tilt mount, sold separately, that’s controllable from the Ring App.

Versatile Outdoor Protection With Powerful Lighting: Spotlight Cam Battery

Outdoor cameras with built-in lighting can help you brighten up blind spots and keep track of what’s happening around your home. Wired options can tie right into your existing electrical to upgrade security. But if there’s no wiring where you need it — or you prefer to leave anything involving electrical to a professional — Spotlight Cam Battery offers the same protection, minus the wires. Depending on your budget and needs, you can choose between the Plus and Pro versions, which are equally easy to install.

Once you’ve charged the battery, found the right location, and followed the setup instructions in the Ring App, you can mount the bracket and put Spotlight Cam into place. After finding the right position, you’re good to go.

Get Simple Installation and Unrivaled Innovation With Ring

At Ring, our goal is to make security accessible to everyone, which is why nearly all our security products are designed with DIY-ers in mind. And just because you can take charge of installation doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality. From Ring Alarm to video doorbells and cameras, our products come with innovative features to help make your life easier — and more secure.

Whether you’re looking for a DIY home security project to transform your whole-home security or a quick upgrade to make your home a little smarter, Ring has you covered. Explore our products today or take a quick quiz to get customized recommendations for your home.